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Jang Bogo Fermented Hwangchil extract GOLD

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Jang Bogo Fermented Hwangchil extract GOLD

│ What is Hwangchil (Dendropanax morbifera)? │

This endemic specks of Korea grows wild uniquely in the Southwest seashores area of the Republic of Korea. Hwangchil has been given the scientific name "Dendropanax morbrfera." which means “panacea tree“ and it belongs to one of the 3 Panax In the world (Dendropanax, Ginseng panax. Acanthopanax). Unlike ginseng or acanthopanax. Dendropanax morbifera was not made widely available to the general public. As the highest priced good among the products traded by “Jang Bogo“ who is known as the king of the seas of the Shilla Dynasty, and regarded as a Treasure such that “Hwangchil should be bought without bargaining“ it was presented as an offering to the imperial famfy. In recent years. Hwangchil related products are increasingly being made available as a result of the numerous research and devetopment theses that have been wrcnen and the cases of experiences colleaed. which lead to the actrve restoration projects of the Hwangchl tree. However, its generalization and popularization is chanenged due to the Imitations imposed by the ava iability of the raw material.

│ Hwangchil’s excellence and rarity │
Numerous theses and research results on Hwangchil indicate that Hwangchil is effective in overcoming fatigue, high-blood pressure, boosting the Immune system, enhancing vitality, liver functioning, nerve stability, diabetes, etc. In particular, it is known to improve blood circulation and flow through its exceptional function of blood purification. One of the reasons why Hwangchil is attracting so much attention is because it can be consumed by anyone regardless of one's physical constitutions. While ginseng is a medicine that is inadequate for people with lots of heat in their bodies. Hwangchil is appropriate for all physical constitutions unfortunately, unique ginseng that requires a short 4-6 yean period of cultivation. Hwangchil needs at least 10 years in addition, the amount of tree sap that can be extracted is only about 3g per tree, making it a rare and precious product that is not easy accessed to the general public

│ The distinctive characteristics of the Jang Bogo Fermented Hwangchil Extract GOLD │

  • The medicinal properties reach their best and the sap can be extracted only when the hwangchil has grown for at least 10years Rather than those grown inland those grown in the Southwest seashore areas are sold at the highest prices Therefore, the "Southwest Hwargchil Cooperative' which are Korea's no1 Hwangchil Cooperative, selects only the adult trees of 10-20 years from the Southwest seashore areas (Jeju Island Haenam, Wando, Shwn Jangheung). And provides technical support to ensure the best possible raw materials.
  • We guarantee the best quality. In line with the principle of all parts forming a whole, the selected taw materials are counted and grouped according to the traditional method into the tree, roots, stems, leaves, fruit shells, a low-temperature extraction method is used during a set period of time. The herbal fermentation technique used ensures the production of a pure liquid with optimized active Ingredients and materials.